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Have a kitchen that has seen better days? Sometimes a kitchen really does need to be taken all the way “down to studs” in order to shine again such as in the case of a very bad floorplan or failing cabinets. But if your kitchen is just cosmetically dated, there are some ways to make it spiffy again without spending tens of thousands of dollars:

Cabinets- If the condition of your cabinets are still in good shape, but the finish and colors have fade away, a paint job will definitely do the trick. Now, this does take some elbow grease, with sanding, taping, and also applying multiple light layers of paint with a spray gun, but this renovation will easily make your kitchen pop out again. But do take note, this needs to be done by a professional so it will be done nicely and correctly.

Cabinet Doors – If you already did a paint job but still, it doesn’t upgrade the look of your kitchen, replacing the cabinet doors is another hack to apply an easy retouch. Complete with new hardware, this can create a huge difference to the looks of your kitchen.

Countertops – Renovating your countertop and replacing it with a new full slab can cost a fortune. But there are ready made countertops that can fit over your existing countertops. Overlays are available in granite, quartz, concrete, wood, or even stainless steel.

Backsplash – A backsplash can really make your kitchen to stand out especially if it matches the interior of the whole kitchen. When updating a backsplash, many homeowners are willing to play with colors and textures in a way that it doesn’t dominate the space. With a lot less square footage to cover versus the countertops, a backsplash is a place in which you can spend a little more per square foot when looking at specialty tiles.

Faucet – There are a lot of modern faucet designs out there in the market and can be easily installed and can set the tone of the kitchen.

Sink – Sink are the workhorses of the kitchen, and sometimes they show it. All the dents and stains, and chips from pans and plates add up. In most cases, a sink can be easily replaced, even if its an undermount. But unless you are comfortable doing so, leave that to the professionals to prevent damages.

Matching appliances – Lastly, mismatching appliances can make a kitchen look very dated and disorganized. If the white fridge is looking dingy and the white dishwasher is looking almost almond in color, it might be the time for a trip to the appliance store. Although, this would be a big-ticket purchase, chances are if you're appliances were discolored, there are vast improvements in energy consumption that can help offset that cost. Rebates from your local utility may even be available.

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