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Are You Supported?

I had an agent that was new to the business, and his first language is Mandarin. He was having trouble writing a contract. It was a Monday night and the review date was the next morning. He was stressing out. He had been trained on how to write a contract, but this one was his FIRST contract. Writing a contract for the first time with real world issues like determining pricing, wondering if he needed an escalation clause and deciding if the inspection would be waived, and then putting the contract through Authentisign for the first time - well it was just too much for him. I could hear it in his voice. He happened to be close to my house, so I asked him to come over and we wrote the contract together, and we sent it out. I gave him some other helpful tips that I do with each transaction and how to communicate with the listing agent. And he won the offer.

I look at my role as Designated Broker/Managing Broker as 100% supporting the agents that work with me. Keeping brokers supported, trained and mentored makes for a better experience for your clients, whom you navigate through transactions. Check out my bio here.

It's not just about the money, but one of the ways Bushnell Real Estate Solutions makes it about you is with 100% commissions, $99 monthly dues and a flat $495 transaction fee. I offer a very simple coaching program for agents that have written less than 5 contracts. Contracts 1 - 5 have a 20% coaching fee. So, for example, if you've written 3 Washington contracts at another firm, you would only need to be under the coaching program for 2 deals. That's an 80/20 split for the new agent, then when you are done with your coaching program, you are at 100%. I like to keep it simple, and I also like to make sure the agent understands what they are doing.

It may or may not be similar to what you are already paying to your current brokerage. But, the question you need to ask yourself is - are you getting what you need? Is it about you?

Have you been feeling like something is missing?

Do you need help navigating difficult transactions?

Do you feel supported?

What I've learned in the 20 years I've been in real estate, is that is not about me, it's about you. Feel free to ask any agent that I have trained or worked with over the years. I believe that education is key to making sure you are providing your clients with the highest level of service.

I'll buy you a coffee and we can talk about your goals.

Looking forward to learning more about you.



Kristin Bushnell is Designated Broker of Bushnell Real Estate Solutions and Co-owner of Bushnell Craft Brewing Company in Redmond, WA. Check out my profile here.

If you are ever interested in chatting about real estate, contact me at or call me at 425-559-1355. I'll buy you a beer (or non-alcoholic beverage, if you prefer!), and we can chat about real estate until your heart's content.

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