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Hello Everyone, Well, it's another day in Stay Home, Stay Safe. In my county, we didn't even make it to Phase 2, we are only in Phase 1.5 - which in and of itself - sounds funny. But it is what it is. Another day that feels like every other day of the week. The only reason I know it's Monday, is that I'm sending you my weekly message. :-) Plus, with the approaching summer solstice, our days are just getting longer with daylight. As it is, it's after 9 PM of before the sunsets. Between not knowing what day it is and what time it is - I just tell myself to "keep on, keeping on." Keep moving forward on projects, keep some semblance of a schedule. Create times in the day where it feels like there's a beginning, a middle and an end. Remember to eat. Remember to get exercise in. Remember to get some fresh air. And of course, play with the puppy! Have a great week, everyone! Take good care of yourselves. Kristin

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